ASN Guide No. 28

Published on 25/07/2017

For professionals

Qualification of scientific computing tools used in the nuclear safety case – 1st barrier

Some of the studies used in the nuclear safety case for basic nuclear installations are based on the use of scientific computing tools (SCT).

The purpose of this guide is to provide a coherent set of recommendations to be implemented in order to ensure that an SCT is qualified in accordance with ASN's requirements. It aims to facilitate the preparation and assessment of the files establishing the qualification of the SCTs, by specifying the contents of the file to be produced by the licensee for transmission to ASN. It takes account of international reference texts.

This guide applies to the SCT used to demonstrate compliance with the technical acceptance criteria associated with the fuel behaviour in normal operation or in the event of incidents or accidents  affecting pressurised water reactors, research reactors, or spent fuel or fuel storage pools.

The technical areas concerned are fuel neutronics, thermohydraulics, thermomechanics and the physical chemistry of the fuel.

Date of last update : 02/11/2017