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Published on 25/07/2018 • 04:02 pm

Welding of the main steam transfer pipes of the Flamanville 3 EPR reacto

ASN has informed EDF of the conditions for resuming certain welding operations on the main steam transfer pipes of the Flamanville EPR reactor. The welding operations involved are restricted to those performed using the "TIG orbital" process[1] which enables high mechanical performance to be achieved.

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Published on 14/03/2018 • 11:10 am

Fessenheim NPP reactor 2

On 12th March 2018, ASN lifted its suspension of the pressure test certificate of steam generator N° 335, installed on Fessenheim NPP reactor 2.

Published on 28/02/2018 • 02:11 pm

Flamanville EPR reactor project

On 7th February 2018 the ASN Commission heard EDF and Framatome management on the Flamanville EPR reactor project.

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