ASN's annual reports

Every year, this report presents the state of nuclear safety and radiation protection in France. It also presents all ASN actions performed during the past year to supervise and improve the safety of French civil nuclear facilities and of the transport of radioactive materials, and to check and minimise exposure of workers, patients, the public and the environment to ionising radiation.
Since 2004, via the "ASN multiyear strategic plan", it also presents ASN's orientations and goals for the coming 3-year period.
This report, which is the fruit of collective analysis and synthesis work, in which all ASN entities take part, provides an annual record of the changes and difficulties encountered, in both the technical and organisational spheres, within the companies and organisations subject to supervision. It also widens the scope of the debate to include nuclear safety and radiation protection projects and prospects.
The report and its summary are sent to many of ASN's partners abroad, notably the nuclear safety authorities of various countries. Since 1996, the report has been translated into English to further exchanges between nuclear safety authorities and inform all foreign stakeholders in the nuclear safety and radiation protection sector.

Published on 28/06/2018

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ASN Report on the state of nuclear safety and radiation protection in France in 2017

In 2017, the safety of the operation of the large nuclear facilities and radiation protection in the industrial and medical fields remained on the whole satisfactory. However, with regard to the EDF NPP fleet, vigilance is required in the light of the difficulties encountered in the management of equipment conformity. In the medical sector, the persistence of level 2 incidents, more specifically in radiotherapy and during fluoroscopy-guided interventions, also warrants reinforced oversight.