Visit to the ASN of Mr Tiippana, Director General of the Finnish Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK)

Published on 28/01/2019 • 05:17 pm

Information notice

Petteri Tiippana, recently renewed for a second term as head of the Finnish Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK), met on 24 January at ASN headquarters with Bernard Doroszczuk, President of ASN.

B. Doroszczuk and P. Tiippana (ASN/STUK meeting)

ASN and STUK share many common topics on the issues of safety and radiation protection. Among them, the two EPRs under construction in Flamanville and Olkiluoto are the subject of a long-standing cooperation between the two authorities, and present close schedules of achievement: MM. Tiippana and Doroszczuk expressed their wish that this collaboration continues after the commissioning of the two reactors, including in a broader framework that would integrate the authorities of other countries operating, constructing or considering EPR-type reactors (China, United Kingdom, etc.).
On the European level, MM. Doroszczuk and Tiippana also discussed the role of WENRA and ENSREG, whose presidencies will be renewed shortly, and in particular the necessary coordination with the European Commission on the implementation of the European directives.
Finally, it was agreed in this first meeting to hold a bilateral STUK-ASN meeting at the end of the year, in Finland.
On January 23, Mr. Tiippana met with Olivier Gupta, Director General of ASN, on the safety issues of the Flamanville 3 and Olkiluoto 3 EPRs, as well as on the WENRA strategy. He also spoke with Sylvie Cadet-Mercier, Commissioner, on the follow-up of the "peer review" approach at European level on the agiing of nuclear reactors.

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