The ASN Chairman completes his mandate at the head of ENSREG

Published on 09/10/2018 • 06:45 pm

Information notice

On 4 October 2018, the ASN Chairman, Mr Pierre-Franck Chevet chaired his last (extraordinary) ENSREG meeting in Brussels. ENSREG (European Nuclear Safety Regulators Group) brings together experts from the European Commission and member states of the European Union who are represented by national delegations, which are half composed by  heads of safety regulators and half by representatives from Ministries of Environment or Energy (two representatives per delegation). France is represented within the ENSREG by the Chairman of the ASN and by the General Directorate for Energy and Climate (DGEC).

Pierre-Franck Chevet chaired ENSREG since November 2015; his term as Chairman of ASN expiring on 8 November next, the meeting of 4 October 2018 was partly devoted to the appointment of his successor at the head of ENSREG.

Taking into account the planned movements at the head of several European regulatory bodies (Sweden, Spain, in particular), it was decided to transfer, on an interim basis, the presidency of ENSREG to Mark Foy (Chief Inspector of the Office for Nuclear Regulation - ONR, the British regulator) until 31 March 2019.

Date of last update : 12/02/2019