Publication of ASN 2009 report in English

Published on 30/07/2010 • 05:50 pm

Information notice


For the fifth consecutive year, the English version of the ASN annual report on the state of nuclear safety and radiation protection is available on its dedicated website, at the following address :


Various tabs allow the web user to identify very promptly 2009 highlights, ASN actions and regulated activities in the nuclear safety and radiation protection fields. The 16 chapters of the report may be downloaded in PDF format as well as the previous reports or the information brochures relating to INES and ASN/SFRO scales.


Together with the report, the Nuclear Security and Transparency Act and the Waste Act, ASN commissioners' biographies are also available.


A tab called "Opinion" collects web users’ opinions and will help ASN to improve this reference report.

Date of last update : 08/06/2017