ASN publishes the first policy elements of a national doctrine for nuclear post-accident management

Published on 05/06/2013 • 12:17 pm

Press release

Work was started in 2005 under the supervision of ASN, to enable the public authorities to define a strategy for dealing with the health, social and economic consequences of a nuclear accident. They led to the publication of the first policy elements of a national doctrine for post-accident management in areas contaminated by releases from a damaged facility.

Under the terms of a mandate given by Interministerial Directive[1], ASN from 2005 to 2012 set up and chaired a steering committee to establish post-accident management doctrine in the event of a nuclear accident or radiological emergency situation (CODIRPA). This was done with the active participation of the various stakeholders, including the main ministerial departments concerned, the technical organisations such as IRSN and INVS, the associations, elected officials and nuclear facility licensees, and with the assistance of international expertise.

The elements of the first national doctrine were established on the basis of nuclear accidents leading to short-duration radioactive releases (less than 24 hours). These elements are in themselves an original contribution at the international level, in that they cover the entire post-accident phase: the first days following the radioactive releases, the initial months (known as the transition period) and the first years following the accident (long-term period). They also meet 3 inseparable objectives, aimed at:

  • To protect the populations against the dangers of ionising radiation;
  • To provide support to the population victim of the consequences of the accident;
  • To recover the affected territories, in economic and social terms.

In agreement with the various stakeholders involved in the work of the CODIRPA, the report containing the policy elements of the doctrine has been posted on the ASN website, along with all the technical reports drafted by the CODIRPA and transmitted to the Government by ASN.

In the opinion which accompanies this publication[2], ASN draws the Government’s attention to the fact that the publication of these initial elements of the national doctrine is a first and important step in preparing for nuclear post-accident management, but that it must be continued and intensified in order to ensure that it is taken over by the parties concerned, in particular at regional level.

Finally, ASN proposed to the Government to continue to support the public authorities in pursuing the nuclear post-accident phase preparation, but also in updating the first elements of the national doctrine, more specifically taking account of experience feedback from the Fukushima accident.

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[1] Interministerial directive of 7th April 2005 concerning the actions of the public authorities in the case of an event leading to a radiological emergency situation.
[2] ASN opinion 2012-AV-169 of 30th October 2012 concerning the preparation for nuclear post-accident management.

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