ASN takes a decision to temporarily set new conditions for liquid radioactive and chemical effluent discharge at the Cruas-Meysse nuclear site

Published on 18/08/2011 • 06:55 pm

Information notice

On 28 July 2011, the ASN Commission adopted a temporary decision relating to effluent discharge from the Cruas-Meysse nuclear power plant.

The decision, which responds to a request submitted by EDF on 1 June 2011, was the subject of a technical and administrative investigation by ASN, a public consultation by the departmental councils on the environment and health and technological risks in Drome and Ardeche and a public consultation by the local information committee in Cruas.

The change concerns conditions relating to the minimum flow of the Rhone observed upstream from the site, under which discharge of radioactive liquid waste is authorised. Hydrological conditions in the Rhône-Alpes region in spring 2011 resulted in historically low water flow of the river at the Cruas-Meysse nuclear power plant.

ASN’s decision thus sets new conditions for discharge until 1 November 2011, at which date previously applicable conditions will come back into effect.

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