Jean-Christophe Niel is appointed Director-General of IRSN. Alain Delmestre is appointed Acting Director-General of ASN pending the appointment of the new Director-General

Published on 22/04/2016 • 03:00 pm

Information notice

On 20th April 2016, by decree of the President of the French Republic, Jean-Christophe Niel was appointed Director-General of IRSN, the French Institute for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety. Jean-Christophe Niel had been the Director-General of ASN since January 2007.

Pierre-Franck Chevet, the Chairman of ASN, has appointed Alain Delmestre as Acting Director-General pending the recruitment of the new Director-General. Alain Delmestre has been Deputy Director General of ASN since 2006.

A position vacancy notice will be published in the Official Journal of the French Republic, to initiate the recruitment of a new Director-General for ASN.

Date of last update : 08/06/2017