Information on the accident in Centraco (Gard) : press release #1

Published on 12/09/2011 • 03:59 pm

Press release

ASN, the French Nuclear Safety Authority, activated its emergency centre located in Paris XII at 12.30 following the accident that took place in Centraco (centre for treatment and conditioning of low level radioactive waste) located in Codolet near Marcoule (Gard, South-East of France).

An oven dedicated to melt low and very low radioactive metallic waste exploded inside the building. The radioactivity was contained inside the building.

According to a first estimations, there are one casualty and four injured persons, including one severely injured. None of them is contaminated.

There are no releases outside the installation.

The licensee activated its on-site emergency plan accordingly to the procedures.

Centraco is owned by SOCODEI. The installation is dedicated to the treatment and conditioning of low level radioactive waste, either by melting of metallic waste or by incineration of incinerable waste.

ASN is in permanent contact with the prefecture of Gard and the licensee. The division of ASN in Marseille is also following the situation and sent inspectors to the prefecture and to the site.

ASN Media contact : +33 1 40 19 87 25 / + 33 1 40 19 86 12

Date of last update : 08/06/2017