Fire extinguished at Penly NPP. ASN will perform an inspection this morning

Published on 06/04/2012 • 12:00 am

Press release

 On 5th April 2012, at around 12.00, ASN was informed by EDF that a fire had started in the reactor n°2 building of the Penly NPP (North-West of France).

 The reactor automatically shut down.

EDF teams and the local firemen brigades entered the reactor building and extinguished small quantities of burning oil. The firemen ensured the fire was totally extinguished.

The reactor is now shut down.

This event will be officially declared by EDF.

The ASN division located in Caen will perform an inspection at Penly NPP on Friday 6th April.

 Press contact: Evangelia Petit, Press Department, tel.: 01 40 19 86 61,

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