Information on Fessenheim NPP event

Published on 06/09/2012 • 09:10 am

Information notice

On 5th September 2012, the French Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) was notified by EDF of an incident related to a gas release which occurred at around 15:00 in nuclear auxiliary buildings[1] of the Fessenheim NPP.

During the handling process of hydrogen peroxyde, a non radioactive chemical, some of the product was spilled, leading to a steam release which triggered the fire alarm sensors.

As provided by the convention linking Public Services and the NPP, fire fighting services have been deployed on-site. No fire did occur on-site.

All nine workers present in the premises when the incident occured have been examined and none of them show any injury.

This incident had no consequences for the environment.

EDF issued a press release. The ASN’s regional office kept constantly informed of the progress of the incident. As for all similar situation, EDF will send an analysis report which will be submitted to ASN.

[1] Nuclear auxiliary building (BAN) houses part of circuits required for the normal operation of the reactor (circuits makeup, ventilation, treatment of some effluents and wastes). This building is encompassed in the nuclear part of the plant and is fully accessible in normal operation.

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