“IRRS” international audit mission: ASN publishes the follow-up report from the experts mandated by IAEA

Published on 19/12/2017 • 10:04 am

Information notice

From 1 to 9 October 2017, ASN received an IAEA delegation responsible for following up the Integrated Regulatory Review Service (IRRS) international audit mission carried out in 2014, covering all activities regulated by ASN. The IAEA report on this mission, published by ASN in 2015, made 46 recommendations and suggestions, the application and implementation of which was to be verified by the delegation.

ASN today publishes the report by the follow-up mission which it has just received from IAEA.

With 40 recommendations and suggestions applied (or applied “subject to the completion of the measures currently being implemented”), the delegation, chaired by Bill Dean (NRC – US nuclear regulatory authority), concluded that France had significantly reinforced the framework of its oversight and regulation of nuclear safety and radiation protection. IAEA however pointed out that ASN needed to remain vigilant with regard to the human resources issue, given the safety implications of the nuclear facilities in France and should continue to draw up guidelines for the review and updating of the texts regulating safety. The mission also suggested to ASN that it promotes the broadest possible adoption of a safety culture internally and specifies the conditions for classification of emergency situations by the licensees.

Consult the follow-up mission report “Integrated regulatory review service" (IRRS) follow-up report to France”

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