ASN holds a hearing of the Director General of ITER concerning the progress of the project, changes to its organisation and monitoring of outside participants.

Published on 11/05/2017 • 01:31 pm

Information notice

The ASN Commission regularly holds hearings of the main parties responsible for nuclear activities with regard to nuclear safety and radiation protection issues. On 20th April 2017, it held a hearing of Bernard Bigot, the Director General of ITER Organization.

ITER Organization presented its new installation commissioning strategy, setting the future deadlines for the construction site up until 2035. This new strategy consists in phased construction of the various parts of the installation according to the nature of the plasmas used. ASN has no objection to this new strategy: the new deadlines proposed will allow progress to be made on certain R&D actions in the field of safety, more specifically for the detritiation1 equipment and for the tritium breeding modules2.

ITER Organization also presented a number of developments linked to the organisation of the project, as well as the state of progress of the construction of ITER and the primary upcoming milestones. ASN duly notes these organisational changes.

ASN also notes the efforts made by ITER Organization over the past two years to improve the monitoring of outside participants, in particular the domestic agencies3, which provide equipment for the project. ASN considers that these efforts must be continued and the actions taken must be reinforced. ASN will remain attentive to the adoption and sharing of a safety culture by the entire chain of outside participants, to compliance with the safety requirements by the outside participants and the ability of the ITER Organization teams to perform their monitoring duties.

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1. Detritiation: for more details, see the explanations on the detritiation systems on (in french)

2. Tritium breeding modules: modules which produce tritium. Experimental modules for in-situ production of tritium will be tested in the walls of the ITER project tokamak.

3. Domestic agencies: agencies representing each member country of the ITER project, responsible for interfacing with the international organisation

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