ASN continues to prepare specifications for the French audit and European stress tests at nuclear facilities

Published on 22/04/2011 • 10:47 am

Information notice

ASN believes that it is essential to learn from the recent accident in Japan, in the same way as after the Three Mile Island and Chernobyl accidents. The acquisition of in-depth feedback will involve a long process stretching over several years. Some lessons, however, can already be learned.

ASN is currently preparing the specifications for the audit of French nuclear facilities requested by the Prime Minister. It is also involved in preparing specifications for the stress tests on European power plants requested by the European Commission. The Authority wishes these two initiatives to be mutually consistent and complementary.

The French audit and European tests add to the safety initiative already underway and will call for significant ASN resources.

ASN ensures that the specifications are prepared openly and transparently.

The French High Committee for Transparency and Information on Nuclear Safety (HCTISN) has been asked by the Government to contribute to this initiative. On the morning of Wednesday 20 April 2011, ASN held its first meeting with an HCTISN working group at its offices.

The next morning, the ASN Commission also met with EDF's Chairman and CEO, Henri Proglio, as part of the preparatory work on the specifications. During the meeting, ASN presented its opinion of how the audit should be carried out. Mr Proglio presented an overview of the first lessons learned from the accident at Fukushima and the new measures he was planning to take.

ASN intends to publish the specifications early in May after consulting all the stakeholders.

It will collaborate with the HCTISN working group to monitor the progress of the audit and keep the public updated.

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