Follow-up to the nuclear power plant stress tests: ASN presents its national action plan

Published on 22/05/2013 • 03:59 pm

Information notice

ASN presented its national action plan at a seminar organised by ENSREG in Brussels from 22nd to 26th April 2013 for representatives of the European nuclear regulators. Initially published on 20th December 2012, the action plan sets out the measures undertaken further to the Fukushima accident.

ASN's national action plan meets the recommendations resulting from the ENSREG peer reviews held in 2012 further to the European nuclear power plant stress tests conducted in 2011. It also integrates the conclusions of the extraordinary meeting of contracting parties to the IAEA Convention on Nuclear Safety, held in August 2012

During the presentation of its national action plan, ASN assessed the state of progress of the ongoing measures and provided answers to the questions and comments communicated by its European counterparts and the public before the seminar.

The seminar chairperson's statement is available on the ENSREG website at the following address:

 The report containing the conclusions of the seminar will be published following its approval by ENSREG.

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