ASN considers that the Flamanville 3 EPR commissioning authorisation application file submitted by EDF needs to be supplemented

Published on 16/07/2015 • 05:00 pm

Information notice

On 19th March 2015, ASN received the commissioning authorisation application1 and the partial commissioning authorisation application for the Flamanville 3 reactor submitted by EDF. Article L. 593-11 of the Environment Code effectively stipulates that ASN shall make the authorisation decision under the conditions defined by the decree of 2nd November 20072.

The commissioning authorisation application submitted by EDF includes more specifically the safety report of the installation and its general operating rules. ASN, assisted by IRSN, has carried out a preliminary review of this application to check that it contains all the documents required by the regulations and the necessary information to allow a full technical examination.

On completion of this review, ASN considers that the file submitted by EDF must be supplemented to allow the technical examination to be carried out. ASN informed EDF of its conclusions by letter dated 12th June 2015 and drew up a list of the complements, corrections and justifications required for the various documents constituting the commissioning authorisation application file.

By decree of 10th April 2007 and after receiving a favourable opinion from ASN, the Government authorised the creation of an EPR reactor (BNI No.167) at Flamanville (Manche département). Since then, EDF has started the construction of this installation, called Flamanville 3. In parallel with this, apart from its oversight of the construction of the reactor and its equipment, ASN, assisted by IRSN, has continued its analysis of the detailed design of this installation and of the measures planned by EDF for the operation of Flamanville 3.

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Consult the letter signed by the Chairman of ASN and addressed to EDF on 12th June 2015 (in French).

Consult IRSN opinion 2015-00122 of 9th April 2015 (in French).

Consult EPR information letter

1. For the Flamanville 3 reactor, commissioning corresponds to the introduction of the nuclear fuel into the reactor pressure vessel. Partial commissioning corresponds to the arrival of the fuel within the bounds of the BNI and its storage in the pool of the fuel building

2. Decree 2007-1557 of 2nd November 2007 amended, relative to basic nuclear installations and to the regulation of the transport of radioactive substances in terms of nuclear safety. It is article 20 of this decree that essentially governs the (partial) commissioning authorisation process.

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