First session of the ASN commission in its new configuration

Published on 19/11/2012 • 06:57 pm

Information notice

On Monday 12 November 2012, Pierre-Franck Chevet, who is succeeding André-Claude Lacoste as ASN Chairman, and Margot Tirmarche, who is succeeding Marie-Pierre Comets as an ASN Commissioner, took part in an extraordinary session of the Commission expanded to include these two members.


 This “handover” session was in particular devoted to the initial measures of the recently created Committee on social, organisational and human factors and the adoption of the ASN multi-year strategic plan laying out the strategic guidelines for the period 2013-2015.


 The following day, on Tuesday 13 November 2012, the Commission met in its new configuration under the Chairmanship of Pierre-Franck Chevet. The Commission and the members of the Director General Office of ASN conducted a review of international activities. The role and working of the Commission, its schedule until mid-2013 and its relations with the ASN central services, were the other important topics of the agenda of this first session of the new ASN Commission.

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