Bilateral meeting between ASN and the Spanish Safety Authority (CSN)

Published on 21/01/2019 • 05:31 pm

Information notice

On 14 January 2019, the ASN Chairman, Mr Bernard Doroszczuk, welcomed, in Montrouge, a delegation of 4 representatives of the Spanish Nuclear Safety Authority (Consejo de seguridad nuclear - CSN), led by its Chairman, Mr. Fernando Marti Scharfhausen.

Réunion ASN CSN (Espagne) 2019
Réunion ASN CSN (Espagne) 2019

ASN maintains an ongoing and rich relationship with the CSN on a wide range of topics; this meeting was an opportunity to discuss current issues in the fields of nuclear safety and radiation protection, as well as international cooperation frameworks, particularly in Europe.

The CSN expressed its wish, after the ASN has left the chairmanship of ENSREG, that ASN continues playing a leading role at the European level.
Topics of common interest for the future between the two authorities were also discussed: decommissioning, nuclear waste management (in particular waste resulting from decommissioning), aging management and conditions for the long term operation of the existing nuclear installations.

Date of last update : 11/03/2019