ASN is setting up and renewing its Advisory Committees for nuclear safety: call for candidate applications

Published on 22/03/2018 • 10:00 am

Information notice

In order to prepare its resolutions which have the most significant nuclear safety and radiation protection implications, ASN requests opinions and recommendations from the Advisory Committees of experts (GPE) that report to it.

There are currently five GPE covering nuclear safety: “Reactors” (GPR), “Laboratories and Plants” (GPU), “Waste” (GPD), “Transports” (GPT) and “Nuclear Pressure Equipment” (GPESPN). A further two cover radiation protection: “Radiation Protection in the Medical Sector” (GPMED) and “Radiation Protection (non-medical) and Environment” (GPRADE). In 2018, a “Decommissioning” Advisory Committee (GPDEM) was set up to deal with the growing challenges of the decommissioning of nuclear facilities.

These GPE are consulted by ASN so that they can shed light on technical subjects with the most significant implications and potential consequences, generally drawing on an expert assessment from IRSN, or from ASN’s nuclear pressure equipment department for the GPESPN. The GPE analyse the information made available to them and issue an informed and independent opinion. Their opinions are published on the ASN website at the same time as the ASN resolution concerning the subject.

The GPE provide ASN with an expert opinion and the perspective necessary for decision-making. They act as guarantors of nuclear safety and radiation protection doctrine and contribute to its development. They can also be involved in regulatory changes.

Each GPE meets several times a year to prepare the opinions transmitted to ASN. The GPE can also meet to hold information sessions and may be required to take part in field visits.

GPE members are appointed for their competence, whether cross-disciplinary in nuclear safety and radiation protection fields, concerning certain types of facilities or activities, or specialising in a particular technical field.

They come from civil society, industry, technical support organisations, university research laboratories, foreign safety regulators, etc., are appointed individually and do not represent the structure from which they come. In this respect, the GPE are not pluralistic groups.

GPE members are appointed for 4 years by decision of ASN. They carry out their activities on a voluntary basis and they may be relieved of their post at their own request or if so decided by ASN, with full reasons being given.

The selection and appointment process used by ASN for the GPE members aims to ensure that not only are their skills complementary, but that the expert assessment on which ASN relies is transparent and that the decision-making process is independent.

ASN intends to continue to open up the GPE to experts from civil society. The High Committee for transparency and information on nuclear security (HCTISN), the Parliamentary Office for the evaluation of scientific and technological choices (OPECST) and the High Council for the prevention of technological risks, among others, will therefore be asked to propose members with the required expertise. This move towards greater openness also leads to this call for spontaneous applications.

With a view to preventing any conflict of interest, ASN also asks those interested in becoming a GPE member to produce a declaration of interests. The ethical rules applicable to external expert assessments produced at ASN’s request are defined in the document to be incorporated into the ASN internal regulations.

The six GPE for nuclear safety covering:

  • waste (GPD),
  • decommissioning (GPDEM),
  • nuclear pressure equipment (GPESPN),
  • nuclear reactors (GPR),
  • transports (GPT),
  • laboratories and plants (GPU),

must be duly constituted before 30th September 2018.

To apply:

Applications shall be sent to no later than Friday 18th May 2018.

The contents of the application file are available below:

  • Application form,
  • Table of skills,
  • Declaration of interests,
  • Specimen CV.

Once completed, these items should be sent to:

All useful information may be obtained from the GPE secretary’s office at +33 1 46 16 41 63.


Date of last update : 03/07/2018