ASN rules on the reversibility of deep geological disposal of radioactive waste

Published on 24/06/2016 • 01:45 pm

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In its opinion of 31st May 2016, the ASN Commission clarified its position on the technical implications of the notion of reversibility of the deep geological disposal of radioactive waste.

ASN considers that the principle of reversibility requires the adaptability of the installation during its operation (for example, adaptation to inventory changes resulting from changes in energy policy) and the retrievability of the packages, which can be removed from disposal for a given period of time in satisfactory conditions of safety and radiation protection.

The “Waste” Act of 28th June 20061 identified deep geological disposal of radioactive waste as the management solution for waste which cannot be disposed of on the surface or at shallow depth, for reasons of nuclear safety and radiation protection, and required that this disposal be reversible.

This notion of reversibility is the subject of a new Bill currently being debated in Parliament. ASN considers that this Bill must become law before Andra can submit a creation authorisation application for such a disposal facility.

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1. 28th June 2006 Programme Act 2006-739 on the sustainable management of radioactive materials and waste

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