ASN reminds all operators of the regulations concerning industrial radiography

Published on 13/12/2012 • 01:32 pm

Information notice

ASN is concerned by the increasing number of industrial radiography incidents observed in recent years. This rise is indicative of a lack of radiation protection culture and of risk-awareness on the part of the industrial radiography operators. In the light of this situation, ASN has sended a circular letter out to all operators, reminding them of the regulations and asking that improvements be made in the preparation of the work and when managing incidents, primarily related to source blocking. ASN also envisages reinforcing the relevant regulations and points out that alternative methods do exist and should be examined by the ordering customers and their contractors.

Industrial radiography is an inspection method involving the emission of X-rays, used to detect any defects in industrial parts and certain structures, in particular in weld beads, during their manufacture or during maintenance operations. It is utilised in a variety of industrial sectors: sheet metal working, petrochemistry, aeronautics, nuclear facilities, public works, armaments, etc.

Industrial radiography is priority issue in radiation protection for ASN, given the risks linked to the procedures used and the difficult intervention conditions on the worksites, where incorrect handling of the devices can have significant health consequences for the workers.

Every year, ASN performs more than 100 inspections in this sector.

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