ASN asks EDF to carry out a full analysis of sensitivity and uncertainties relating to nuclear fuel management

Published on 24/05/2011 • 12:00 am

Information notice

Following its examination of the “Fuel Cycle” file, ASN has asked EDF, in a letter dated 9 May 2011, to produce a full analysis of sensitivity and uncertainties relating to nuclear fuel management within a year and to update this analysis every two years; ASN has also asked EDF to submit to it a new update of the “French Fuel Cycle” file in 2016. Further requests have also been made regarding technical aspects of management of and developments in new fuels, as well as storing spent fuel.

ASN wants to focus on the issues raised by the fuel cycle and related developments in order to ensure that the choices made by industrial players, bearing in mind their interdependence and time frames that are often impossible to make any shorter, do not create situations that jeopardise safety and radiological protection at facilities or during transport operations. This will enable ASN to explain the impact of such developments to the Government.

EDF, in liaison with the industrial partners in question, must therefore make forecasts to demonstrate that the planned developments are not in any way unacceptable insofar as regards their impact on safety and radiological protection.

Subsequent to the accident at Fukushima that occurred on 11 March 2011, ASN has initiated a campaign of complementary safety assessments on nuclear facilities.

In view of the possible repercussions of this campaign on fuel cycle facilities, ASN has asked EDF to pay particular attention to spent fuel storage pools and, in addition to the requests mentioned above, to specify, within a year, any details liable either to consolidate or modify its strategy regarding management and storage.

Date of last update : 08/06/2017