2017 ENSREG Conference: nuclear safety in Europe

Published on 26/05/2017 • 04:39 pm

Information notice

The European Nuclear Safety Regulators Group(ENSREG) will hold its 4th Conference on 28 and 29 June 2017 in Brussels. The Steering committee is chaired by ASN.

Ensreg conference
Ensreg conference

The objective of the Conference, organised every two years, is to gather  representatives from various stakeholder groups, including regulators, licensees and NGOs to discuss progress, challenges and achievements  in nuclear safety in the EU and globally. 

The 2017 ENSREG Conference will feature four main topics linked to European directives (2011 on radioactive waste management and 2014 on nuclear safety) or that will be key concerns in the EU in the upcoming years: spent fuel and radioactive waste management, licensing, long-term operation of nuclear facilities and irregularities and supply chain control.

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