ASN considers that the 2016-2018 PNGMDR consolidates the organisation of the radioactive materials and waste management routes

Published on 29/08/2017 • 12:08 pm

Information notice

The 2016-2018 National Plan for Radioactive Materials and Waste Management (PNGMDR) was published on 25th February 2017 by the Ministry for the Environment, Energy and the Sea and ASN. For the first time it underwent a process to assess its effects on the environment, followed by a public consultation.

The 2016-2018 edition of the PNGMDR continues the work initiated on the management of radioactive materials and wastes since the first version of the PNGMDR ten years ago. This new edition more specifically reinforces the management route based approach, recommending the creation or updating of the corresponding overall industrial systems and stressing the need to consolidate forecasts of radioactive waste production, in particular very low level waste.

This new edition also identifies new avenues for work, more particularly concerning the long-term harmfulness of radioactive wastes, the prospects for the long-term reutilisation of certain radioactive materials, or strategies for storage pending the deployment of final management solutions.

On 13th December 2016, ASN issued its opinion on the draft decree and draft order setting out the prescriptions of the 2016-2018 PNGMDR. This opinion supplements those issued in early 2016 on the studies submitted pursuant to the 2013-2015 PNGMDR, with a view to drafting the 2016-2018 PNGMDR.

ASN considers that the provisions adopted by these regulatory texts constitute a satisfactory transcription of the guidelines set out in the 2016-2018 PNGMDR and allow the continuation of the fundamental work initiated on the organisation of the radioactive materials and wastes routes.

Some of the reserves expressed by ASN were not addressed. ASN maintained them. The Ministry has finally submitted to ASN opinion's the reserve inventory for the reversible deep geological repository, established by Andra pursuant to Article 56 of the order of 25th February 2017.

The PNGMDR is produced every three years, in accordance with Article L. 542-1-2 of the Environment Code and constitutes an essential tool for overseeing and coordinating the management of radioactive materials and waste, ensuring transparent, integrated and sustainable management of these substances, regardless of their nature, their radioactivity and their origin. It reviews the existing management modes, identifies the foreseeable need for storage and disposal facilities and determines the targets to be met for radioactive waste for which there is as yet no final management solution.

The PNGMDR is produced following discussions within a pluralistic working group which, under the joint chairmanship of the General Directorate for Energy and the Climate and ASN, brings together environmental protection associations, representatives of assessment and regulatory authorities and the producers and managers of radioactive waste.

The 2016-2018 PNGMDR was transmitted to Parliament on 17th February 2017. The 2016-2018 PNGMDR is accompanied by a summary intended for the general public, which gives a concise and informative round-up of radioactive materials and waste management and the main recommendations of the plan.


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