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Published on 29/08/2017 • 12:28 pm

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Cigeo radioactive waste disposal facility

In April 2016, Andra sent ASN the safety options dossier (DOS) for the Cigeo radioactive waste deep geological disposal project. Submission of the DOS means that the project is now subject to a process covered by regulations concerning basic nuclear installations (BNI) and more specifically by article 6 of decree 2007.1557 of 2nd November 2007.

Published on 29/08/2017 • 12:08 pm

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2016-2018 PNGMDR

The 2016-2018 National Plan for Radioactive Materials and Waste Management (PNGMDR) was published on 25th February 2017 by the Ministry for the Environment, Energy and the Sea and ASN. For the first time it underwent a process to assess its effects on the environment, followed by a public consultation.

Published on 12/07/2017 • 11:15 am

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Report on the State of Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection in France in 2016.

ASN considers that in 2016, the operating safety of the BNIs was on the whole maintained at a good level, although radiation protection still requires particular vigilance, especially in the medical field, in which there were four level 2 incidents in 2016.

Published on 28/06/2017 • 04:00 pm

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ASN presents its position regarding the Flamanville EPR reactor vessel anomaly

On 28th June 2017, ASN presented its position regarding the Flamanville EPR reactor pressure vessel anomaly. ASN relied on the analysis of the files transmitted by Areva NP and EDF, carried out by its nuclear pressure equipment department and its technical support organisation IRSN, and on the opinion of its Advisory Committee for nuclear pressure equipment.

Published on 21/06/2017 • 02:23 pm

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Level 2 incident concerning the emergency diesel generator sets

ASN rated as level 2 on the INES scale a significant safety incident regarding the seismic resistance of the auxiliary systems of the emergency diesel generator sets of twenty 1300 MWe reactors on the Belleville, Cattenom, Flamanville, Golfech, Nogent, Paluel, Penly and Saint-Alban NPPs.

Published on 09/06/2017 • 07:30 pm

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Information Letter No.19

In the second half of 2016, ASN continued its monitoring of the Flamanville 3 EPR reactor and its various manufacturing operations. The notable points observed over these last few months are detailed below.

Published on 07/06/2017 • 06:20 pm

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Flamanville EPR reactor vessel anomaly: ASN specifies the examination calendar

On 26th and 27th June 2017 ASN will convene the Advisory Committee for nuclear pressure equipment (GP ESPN) to examine the anomaly affecting the composition of the steel used in the manufacture of the vessel closure head and bottom head of the Flamanville EPR reactor.

Published on 30/05/2017 • 05:15 pm

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40th INRA meeting

On May 17 and 18, the 40th meeting of the International Nuclear Regulators’ Association (INRA) allowed the participating heads of nuclear safety authorities to discuss their practices...

Published on 26/05/2017 • 04:39 pm

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2017 ENSREG Conference: nuclear safety in Europe

The European Nuclear Safety Regulators Group(ENSREG) will hold its 4th Conference on 28 and 29 June 2017 in Brussels. The Steering committee is chaired by ASN.

Published on 11/05/2017 • 01:31 pm

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Hearing of the Director General of ITER

The ASN Commission regularly holds hearings of the main parties responsible for nuclear activities with regard to nuclear safety and radiation protection issues.

Published on 14/04/2017 • 09:30 am

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Resumption of manufacturing in AREVA NP’s Creusot Forge plant

Areva NP informed ASN of its intention to resume forging operations in its Creusot Forge plant, on nuclear pressure equipment components for French BNIs. In letters dated 12th April 2017 sent to Areva NP and EDF, ASN defined preconditions for resumption of the forging operations.

Published on 05/04/2017 • 11:01 am

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Manufacturing quality at Creusot Forge

As part of its contribution to the work of the oversight group set up by the High Committee for Transparency and Information on Nuclear Security (HCTISN) – at the request of the Minister responsible for nuclear safety and energy - in order to guarantee the transparency of the investigation into the anomaly affecting the Flamanville EPR vessel and ensure the satisfactory transmission of information to civil society, ASN has collated a record of its correspondence with EDF and Areva NP since 2005 on the subject of manufacturing quality at Creusot Forge.

Published on 15/03/2017 • 10:00 am

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Anomaly in the carbon concentration of the steel

ASN has authorised restarting of the twelve reactors concerned by the anomaly in the carbon concentration of the steel of the channel heads of the steam generators manufactured by JCFC.

Published on 13/03/2017 • 10:00 am

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Ms Lydie Evrard is appointed to the ASN commission

Lydie Evrard has been appointed to the ASN Commission for 6 years by a decree of the French President dated 10 March 2017, as the member appointed by the President of the Senate. She replaces Philippe Jamet, whose mandate ended on 15 December 2016.

Published on 10/02/2017 • 02:00 pm

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Event in the turbine hall of the Flamanville 1 nuclear power plant

The Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) was informed on February 9 of an event at the Flamanville nuclear power plant.