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Published on 02/10/2008 • 12:00 am

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ASN evaluates the technical solution proposed by EDF ...

On 8 September 2008 during the fuel unloading operation on the Tricastin no. 2 reactor of the EDF nuclear power plant, two fuel assemblies remained stuck to the upper internal holding structures of the reactor vessel.

Published on 24/07/2008 • 12:28 pm

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Contamination of a hundred workers at Tricastin nuclear power plant

On 23 July 2008, ASN has been informed by EDF management of Tricastin NPP that during reactor 4 outage for maintenance works and for fuel reloading, a hundred workers had been contaminated.

Published on 23/07/2008 • 12:00 am

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The ASN maintains monitoring measures in the region of Tricastin

On the 21st of July 2008, ASN proposed to the Préfet of Vaucluse that restrictions on water use in the region of Tricastin imposed by the order of the Préfet of July 11 2008 could be lifted on condition that the SOCATRI licensee implements comprehensive provisions for the monitoring of surface and ground waters until the end of August 2008.

Published on 21/07/2008 • 12:00 am

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Incident at Mafelec : ASN reclassifies the event to level 2

ASN was notified on 7th October 2008 by the Isère prefecture of a radiological protection incident that had occurred at Mafelec's Chimilin site relating to radiation emitted by lift buttons manufactured by the company.

Published on 18/07/2008 • 12:30 pm

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Rupture of an underground pipe of uranium liquid discharges

On July 17 2008 at 5 pm, the Franco-Belgian fuel manufacturing plant (FBFC), group AREVA-NP, located in Romans-sur-Isere in the French Drôme département, informed ASN of the rupture of an underground pipe of uranium liquid discharges.

Published on 17/07/2008 • 12:00 am

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Spillage of uranium-bearing effluents into the environment (SOCATRI)

During the night of July 7 to 8 2008, an incident occurred at the site of the SOCATRI company. A tank of the Uranium-bearing Effluent Treatment Station (STEU) of the SOCATRI facility overflowed in its retention tank. This retention tank was not leakproof at that time and caused a pollution of the environment.

Published on 19/06/2008 • 05:46 pm

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Information Letter No.3

Information notice No.3: ASN authorises the resumption of concrete pouring work on the EPR site

Published on 16/06/2008 • 04:30 pm

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Position of the ASN Commission: : “The safety of new nuclear reactor ...

Position of the ASN Commission: “The safety of new nuclear reactor construction projects worldwide has to be ensured”

Published on 02/06/2008 • 05:43 pm

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Information Letter No.2

Information notice No.2: ASN asks EDF for tighter control on construction work

Published on 29/04/2008 • 05:32 pm

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Information Letter No.1

EPR Reactor: Information notice No.1