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Published on 14/05/2013 • 11:23 am

Press release

Third ten-yearly periodic safety review of Fessenheim NPP reactor n°2

ASN instructs EDF to comply with new requirements following the third periodic safety review of Fessenheim NPP reactor n°2, as it had already done for reactor n°1 in 2011.

Published on 30/04/2013 • 06:19 pm

Information notice

Accidental exposure of a worker from a contractor of the operator EDF

On 24 April 2103, there has been an accidental exposure of a worker from a contractor of the operator EDF.

Published on 08/03/2013 • 01:44 pm

Information notice

Information Letter No.14

In the second half of 2012, ASN conducted several inspections for continued monitoring of the construction of the Flamanville 3 EPR reactor and various other manufacturing operations for this reactor. The notable points observed over these last few months are detailed below.

Published on 01/03/2013 • 12:30 pm

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Questions and comments from the public on ENSREG website

In accordance with the ENSREG action plan of 25 July 2012, ASN published a national action plan on 20 December 2012 for implementation of the recommendations resulting from the stress tests performed on Europe's nuclear reactors in the wake of the Fukushima disaster.

Published on 28/02/2013 • 12:04 pm

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Press Release on HERCA-DAP (Dose Area Product) display proposal

On the occasion of the 10th meeting of the Board of Heads of HERCA (Paris, 30-31 October 2012), a proposal for harmonization of DAP (Dose Area Product) units in general and in interventional radiology has been approved.

Published on 30/01/2013 • 10:30 am

Information notice

Appointement of Dr. Jean-Christophe Niel

Jean-Christophe Niel, Director-General of the ASN, has been appointed Chair of the Committee on Nuclear Regulatory Activities (CNRA) of the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA). This election took place during the 28th CNRA meeting which was held on 3-4 December 2012 at the NEA in the Paris area. Jean-Christophe Niel succeeds Mike Weightman, Chief Inspector of the British nuclear regulatory body (HSE/ONR).

Published on 29/01/2013 • 12:39 pm

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ASN decided to uprate as level 2 on the INES scale

On September 26th 2012, the company FBFC (subsidiary of AREVA) notified ASN of an event related to non-compliance with the requirements applicable to packaging, storage and on-site transfer of wet fissile materials within its nuclear fuel fabrication facility in Romans-sur-Isère (Drôme).