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Published on 16/09/2020 • 01:12 pm

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Secure financing of long-term nuclear costs: ASN issues its opinion on the licensees’ reports

At the request of the General Directorate for Energy and the Climate (DGEC) in 2019, ASN has issued its opinion on the fifth three-yearly reports submitted by the nuclear licensees with respect to the secure financing of long-term nuclear costs. This evaluation and provisioning system aims to ensure that the costs of decommissioning and of spent fuel and radioactive waste management are evaluated with sufficient prudence and are covered by dedicated assets so that the necessary financial resources will be available when the time comes.

Published on 16/09/2020 • 01:04 pm

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France Report under the European Euratom Directive

On July 22, 2020, France transmitted, to the European Commission, its report pursuant to Council Directive 2014/87/Euratom of July 8, 2014 amending Directive 2009/71/Euratom of June 25, 2009 establishing a Community framework for the safety of nuclear installations.

Published on 06/08/2020 • 05:06 pm

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The IAEA publishes a report on the Flamanville EPR reactor

ASN, the French nuclear safety authority, has posted on line the report of the pre-OSART (pre-operational safety review team) mission which was conducted from 17 June to 4 July 2019 at the Flamanville nuclear power plant (NPP) and concerned the EPR reactor currently under construction.

Published on 04/08/2020 • 02:51 pm

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ASN issues its opinion on the management of very low level waste

At the request of the Minister responsible for energy, and contributing to the guidelines for the 5th issue of the French National Radioactive Material and Waste Management Plan (PNGMDR), ASN has issued its opinion on the management of very low level waste (VLLW).

Published on 31/07/2020 • 11:26 am

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Publication of a practical guide for the inhabitants of a region contaminated by a nuclear accident

the request of the Prime Minister, the Codirpa (Steering committee for managing the post-accident phase of a nuclear accident or radiological emergency situation), coordinated by ASN has, since 2005, been conducting a pluralistic reflection on the management of post-nuclear accident situations.

Published on 02/06/2020 • 05:32 pm

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ASN Report on the State of Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection in France in 2019

In the context of the health crisis, ASN presented its report on the state of nuclear safety and radiation protection in France in 2019 to the members of Parliament of the Parliamentary Office for the Evaluation of Scientific and Technological Choices (OPECST). This report was transmitted to the offices of the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister and of the Presidents of the Senate and the National Assembly. It is published on

Published on 25/05/2020 • 11:21 am

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ASN makes an assessment of its oversight since the beginning of lockdown

Between 15 March and 15 May 2020 a total of 18 on-site inspections were carried out: twelve on safety and the possible consequences of the epidemic on the working of the facilities and six on labour inspectorate subjects.

Published on 22/04/2020 • 03:12 pm

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4th periodic safety review of the 900 MWe reactors

ASN is continuing its examination of the files constituting the generic phase of the fourth periodic safety review of EDF's thirty-two 900 MWe reactors. It plans consulting the public at the end of 2020 on its draft position statement concerning the continued operation of these reactors. At present, ASN considers that the Covid-19 epidemic should have only a limited impact on its position statement schedule.

Published on 01/04/2020 • 04:33 pm

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Announcement of the guidelines of the next National Radioactive Materials and Waste Management Plan

The Minister for Ecological Transition and the Chairman of ASN have issued, on February 2020, a decision following the public debate concerning preparations for the 5th edition of the National Radioactive Materials and Waste Management Plan.

Published on 27/03/2020 • 12:53 pm

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Covid 19 epidemic: ASN is adapting its method of functioning while maintaining its rigour

The consequences of the Covid 19 epidemic on nuclear activities must be identified according to the nature of the operations. In this context, ASN is maintaining its highly stringent demands with respect to the nuclear licensees.

Published on 23/03/2020 • 05:25 pm

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ASN specifies the next steps in the decommissioning of the gas cooled reactors

In two resolutions, ASN specifies the next steps in the decommissioning of the “first generation” gas cooled reactors (GCR).

Published on 18/03/2020 • 02:55 pm

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Coronavirus epidemic

ASN is working closely with the nuclear licensees and activity managers to analyse the nuclear safety and radiation protection consequences of the measures taken to deal with the ongoing health emergency.

Published on 17/03/2020 • 02:54 pm

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Recommendations for improving radiation protection in the operating theatre

The number of fluoroscopy-guided interventional procedures is constantly increasing, particularly surgical procedures in operating theatres. They bring considerable benefits for the patient but present significant risks in terms of radiation protection, for the medical staff and patients alike.

Published on 10/03/2020 • 11:01 am

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Publication of the Order regarding the protection of radioactive sources against malicious acts

The Order of 29th November 2019 concerning the protection of ionising radiation sources and batches of radioactive sources of categories A, B, C and D against malicious acts, published on 11th December 2019, specifies the conditions surrounding the application of the general objective set out by the Public Health Code.

Published on 26/02/2020 • 11:30 am

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ASN publishes guides in English regarding the decommissioning and remediation

In France, once a basic nuclear installation (BNI) is definitely shut down, it must go through the decommissioning and remediation process, with the end goal of achieving a predetermined final state in which all the hazardous substances have been removed. Accomplishing these decommissioning operations can often present a technical and project management challenge to licensees.