The Multi-Year Strategic Plan for 2023-2027

STATE AND SHARE OUR SHORT , MED I UM AND LONG - TERM V I S I ON OF THE I SSUES RELAT I NG TO NUCLEAR SAFETY , RAD I AT I ON PROTECT I ON AND ENV I RONMENTAL PROTECT I ON →Develop across the board our ability to detect situations that could lead to serious difficulties or deadlocks. →Put across at the appropriate time our point of view on the subjects requiring a forward-looking approach on the part of the other players. → Actively influence the development of international standards and practices. ENHANCE KNOWLEDGE OF THE RI SKS AND , WI TH THE OTHER PLAYERS CONCERNED , PROMOTE A CULTURE OF NUCLEAR SAFETY AND RAD I AT I ON PROTECT I ON → Develop knowledge of the risks associated with the various forms of exposure to radioactivity (natural, medical or industrial). → Contribute to the development of a safety and radiation protection culture in elected officials and the general public, and encourage the emergence of trusted third parties vis-à-vis the general public. → Consolidate our specific contribution in crisis situations. → Strengthen our relations with the State services and more broadly with the local players. → Contribute to the public debates and consultations, and promote stakeholder participation. ADAPT OUR OVERS I GHT TO A NEW CONTEXT → Assert our realignment on the activities and facilities with high-stake issues. → Objectivise, clarify and share our proportionate approach, focusing on the expected effects of our actions and making judicious use of expert assessments. → Make better use of our in-field knowledge. → Reinforce our oversight of: - organisational and human factors; - project management by the party responsible for a nuclear activity; - the industrial capabilities of the licensees and their suppliers. → Develop a progressive and stepwise technical dialogue with the industry players for major projects and innovating projects. → Clarify the requirements of the regulations and stabilise their conditions of application. → Take full advantage of experience feedback and international collaborations. MAKE A SUCCESS OF THE INTERNAL TRANSFORMAT IONS TO BE MORE ATTRACT IVE AND EFF I C I ENT → Adapt our skills to the new challenges and support career path development. → Renew the work organisation to take full advantage of remote working possibilities and engage in an eco- responsible and resilient approach. → Develop and actively promote new modes of functioning that: - guarantee the transmission of our know-how and our institutional memory; - enable full benefit to be drawn from the cross-functionality between the entities, adopting “project” formats appropriate for the situations where necessary. → Make a success of our digital transformation. 11 10 2023-2027 THE MULTI-YEAR STRATEGIC PLAN Our strategic priorities