Multilateral relations in Europe

Europe constitutes the priority field of international action for ASN, which thereby intends contributing to the construction of a Europe of nuclear safety, of safety of management of nuclear waste and spent fuel and of radiation protection.

Other organisations

The European ALARA Network (EAN) and the European Radiation Protection Authorities Network (ERPAN)

The ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) principle consists in taking the most effective protection measures considered to be “reasonable”, irrespective of the exposure levels. Application of this principle weighs the protection resources against the level of protection in order to attain the best possible protection considering the economic and social conditions. Thus, under the aegis of the European Commission, the ALARA network (20 countries) identifies, assesses and selects the best radiation protection actions for keeping the exposure of workers and the general public at a level that is as low as reasonably achievable.

ASN is a member of the European ALARA Network (EAN), participating regularly at its six-monthly meetings.

These meetings provide the opportunity for the different member States to present topical subjects linked to the ALARA approach.

ASN is also a member of the European Radioprotection Authorities Network (ERPAN), a sub-network of EAN. ASN hosts the annual meetings of ERPAN in its head office.

Le réseau ALARA européen et le réseau des Autorités en radioprotection

Le principe ALARA (« As Low As Reasonably Achievable ») consiste à mettre en œuvre les actions de protection les plus efficaces jugées « raisonnables » quels que soient les niveaux d’exposition. L’application de ce principe soupèse, d’une part, les ressources de protection et d’autre part le niveau de protection pour aboutir à la meilleure protection possible eu égard les conditions économiques et sociales. Ainsi, sous l’égide de la Commission européenne, le réseau ALARA (20 pays) identifie évalue et sélectionne les actions de radioprotection les mieux à même de maintenir les expositions des intervenants et du public à un niveau aussi bas que raisonnablement possible.

Date of last update : 03/02/2021