Targeted inspections

As well as the complementary safety assessments, in 2011 ASN undertook a campaign of targeted inspections on themes linked to the Fukushima accident. These inspections were conducted on all priority nuclear installations and were intended to check the compliance of equipment and the operator's organisation, on site, compared to the existing safety reference framework.
The following themes were covered during these inspections:

  • protection against external hazards, particularly earthquake resistance and protection against flooding,
  • loss of electrical power supplies,
  • loss of cooling sources,
  • operational management of emergency situations.

38 inspections were programmed and carried out by teams including several ASN inspectors and experts from IRSN. This inspection campaign represents 110 days of on-site inspections.
The inspections were programmed between June and October 2011. For a given site, they took place in the form of in-depth inspections over several days (continuous or discontinuous), enabling all the themes listed above to be covered. They were based on a common reference framework for nuclear power plants, on one hand, and other nuclear installations, on the other hand, and favoured site visits over documentary audits.
The inspections resulted in follow-up letters sent to the operators and put online at
71% of targeted inspections had been carried out by 15 September 2011. ASN will analyse the conclusions of all these inspections before the end of 2011. ASN's conclusions will be included in the report on the complementary safety assessments submitted to the Government. If it considers it necessary, ASN may decide to impose additional requirements to improve the safety of installations.

Date of last update : 18/01/2014