ASN’s other technical support organisations

To diversify its expertise and take advantage of other specific skills, ASN also has its own credit allocation. A significant part of this budget is allocated to subjects concerning exposure of the population to radon in the home, as well as to the work of the Steering Committee for managing the post-accident phase (CODIRPA). In 2012, ASN continued its cooperation with:

  • the Nuclear Protection Evaluation Centre (CEPN) : Core health project and support for the work of the CODIRPA;
  • "Robin des Bois" Association for the study of phosphogypsum dumps and ash thermal coal
  • the Bureau Veritas: definition of check-points and criteria for radiation protection appraisal of X-ray generators used in the industrial, veterinary and research sectors;
  • the pluralistic experts group for the Limousin mines (GEP Limousin) which assists the public authorities on issues concerning the rehabilitation of the former uranium mining sites;
  • foreign experts (English and Belgian) storage of MOX waste MELOX, as against the expertise of IRSN.

Date of last update : 25/09/2017