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Professional events

IAEA Safety Reviews and Appraisals in France

IAEA provides safety services or appraisals at the request of Member States as a means of applying the IAEA safety standards. Hence, the scope of the services or appraisals is directly related to the areas addressed by the safety standards, i.e. governmental organization, research reactors, operation, design and sitting of nuclear power plants, radiation, waste and transport safety.

IRRS (Integrated Regulatory Review Service)

IAEA legal and governmental infrastructure related peer review services are aimed at providing advice and assistance to Member States on request to strengthen and enhance the effectiveness of the Member State regulatory infrastructure, including effective independent regulatory bodies.
The Integrated Regulatory Review Service (IRRS) is constructed in modular form to cover each of the following legal and governmental infrastructure review areas :
- Legislative and governmental responsibilities
- Regulatory body responsibilities and functions
- Organisation of the regulatory body
- Authorization process
- Regulations and guides
- Review and assessment
- Inspection and enforcement
- Management systems for regulatory bodies.
The IRRS approach is based on self-assessment methodology designed to support the continuous improvement concept of the Member States. Initially, the Member State conducts a self-assessment as regards IAEA safety standards using the IRRS guidelines and associated questionnaires, to identify strengths and potential improvements to weakness in the regulatory framework and regulatory practices. At the request of the Member State, the IAEA carries out an independent peer review mission to review the results of the self-assessment and actions planned.
In a follow-up phase 18-24 months after the IRRS, implementation of the actions will be reviewed. This further review could be carried out by the Member State or on request by the IAEA.

 TranSAS (Transport Safety Appraisal Services)

In response to direction from the Agency's General Conference, a service for carrying out, at the request of any State, an appraisal of the implementation of the Agency's Transport Regulations by that State has been established. This is known as the Transport Safety Appraisal Service (TranSAS).

OSART (Operational Safety Review Team)

The purpose of the OSART programme, established in 1982, is to assist Member States in enhancing the operational safety of nuclear power plants. To promote the continuous development of operational safety within all Member States by in-depth review of nuclear power plant operational safety performance and by the dissemination of information on good practices.

 PROSPER (Peer Review of Operational Safety Performance Experience)

To promote at individual NPPs the process and practice of learning from operating experience (either individual NPP experience, that of other NPPs or that of the industry at large) in order to enhance their safety performance. To encourage NPPs worldwide to perform self-assessments of the effectiveness of their operating safety performance experience review process. To benchmark/confirm, through an international Peer Review of NPPs' operational safety performance, that lessons are learned and acted upon and that these are disseminated nationally and internationally. To provide the necessary tools, methods and training to carry out these self-assessments.

Date of last update : 06/03/2015