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Professional events

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Joint Convention on the Safety of Spent Fuel Management and Safety of Radioactive Waste Management

The Joint Convention on the safety of spent fuel management and on the safety of radioactive waste management is supplementing the Convention on Nuclear Safety. It was approved by France on February 22, 2000 and it entered into force on June 18, 2001. This Convention obliges each Contracting Party to present at the review meetings (every three years) a report on the way in which it implements the obligations of the Convention. The French Nuclear Safety Authority ensured the co-ordination of this report, with contributions from other regulators and nuclear operators. It has been submitted to questions and presented to the peers in Vienna.

Radon national action plan workshop

Following the publication of the new European Basic Safety Standards Directive (the Council Directive 2013/59/EURATOM ), published in January 2014, Member States of the European Union have 4 years to incorporate it and to prepare or update their strategy for reducing radon concentration and the associated national radon action plan. Après la publication en janvier 2014 de la nouvelle directive européenne 2013/59/Euratom définissant les normes de base en radioprotection, les États Membres de l’Union Européenne disposent d’un délai de 4 ans pour sa transposition en droit national et ainsi préparer ou mettre à jour leur stratégie pour réduire les concentration moyennes en radon et les plans nationaux d’action qui y sont associés.

International Conference on Modern Radiotherapy (2-4 December 2009)

International Conference on Modern Radiotherapy : Advances and Challenges in Radiation Protection of Patients (2-4 December 2009)

IAEA-ASN workshop (22-23 March 2007)

An international workshop concerning the lessons learned from the IRRS mission of the French Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN), carried out in November 2006 under the coordination of IAEA, was held on the 22nd and 23rd March 2007 in Paris.

Convention on Nuclear Safety

The Convention on Nuclear Safety concerns civil nuclear power reactors. It defines the obligations of the contracting parties with regard to nuclear safety.

Symposium international NuPEER

Symposium NuPEER (Nuclear Pressure Equipment Expertise and Regulation) organisée par l'ASN et consacré au vieillissement des équipements sous pression dans les centrales nucléaires, les 22, 23 et 24 juin 2005

IAEA Safety Reviews and Appraisals in France

IAEA provides safety services or appraisals at the request of Member States as a means of applying the IAEA safety standards. Hence, the scope of the services or appraisals is directly related to the areas addressed by the safety standards, i.e. governmental organization, research reactors, operation, design and sitting of nuclear power plants, radiation, waste and transport safety.

OSART Mission conducted in France

OSART (Operational Safety Review Team) mission are organised by the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) upon the request of the Nuclear Safety Authority of each Member State.

WENRA Reports

The Western European Nuclear Regulators Association (WENRA) was created in February 1999, the founding members being the nuclear safety authorities and regulators of Germany, Belgium, Spain, Finland, France, Italy, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Sweden and Switzerland. In March 2003, the WENRA members decided to integrate into their association the nuclear safety regulators of seven "nuclear" countries (having at least one nuclear power reactor) who at the time were candidates for membership of the European Union, namely Bulgaria, Hungary, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and the Czech Republic.

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