About ASN

The Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN), an independent administrative authority set up by law 2006-686 of 13 June 2006 concerning nuclear transparency and safety (known as the “TSN law”) is tasked, on behalf of the State, with regulating nuclear safety and radiation protection in order to protect workers, patients, the public and the environment from the risks involved in nuclear activities. It also contributes to informing the citizens.

The ASN strategy

In 2017, when it developed its strategic plan 2018 – 2020, ASN laid down the guidelines of its oversight action. These guidelines constitute the foundation of a shared culture and collective know-how.

Created by the Act of 13 June 2006 on transparency and security in the nuclear field, on behalf of the State, ASN ensures the oversight of nuclear safety and radiation protection in order to protect people and  the environment. It informs the public and contributes to enlightened societal choices. ASN decides and acts with rigour and discernment: its aim is to exercise an  oversight that is recognised by citizens  and regarded internationally as a benchmark for good practice.

The multi-year strategic plan guides the action of the departments for a period of 3 years. It defines a common project and constitutes a reference document for ASN’s management actions. This document, which is used  by the staff, presents five broad lines of collective action:

  1. | Reinforce the implementation of a graded and efficient approach to our oversight
  2. | Better manage the technical examinations process
  3. | Reinforce the effectiveness of our action on the ground
  4. Consolidate our functioning
  5. | Consolidate the French and European approach through international action

Date of last update : 23/04/2018