About ASN

The Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN), an independent administrative authority set up by law 2006-686 of 13 June 2006 concerning nuclear transparency and safety (known as the “TSN law”) is tasked, on behalf of the State, with regulating nuclear safety and radiation protection in order to protect workers, patients, the public and the environment from the risks involved in nuclear activities. It also contributes to informing the citizens.

The ASN Organisation

Organisation of the new ASN

 • A Commission of 5 commissioners
 • A Director General's office
 • 8 departments
 • 11 regional divisions
 • An Office of Administration
 • A Management and Expertise Office

The ASN regional divisions conduct their activities under the authority of the regional representatives appointed by the ASN Chairman. They represent the ASN Chairman's in the regions and contribute to ASN's public information role. The divisions perform most of the direct inspections of BNIs, of radioactive material transport and of small-scale nuclear activities.

In emergency situations, the divisions assist the préfet (in a département, representative of the State appointed by the President) of the département (Administrative region headed by a Préfet), who is responsible for protecting the populations, and supervise the on-site operations to make the installation safe, if it is accessible or does not constitute a hazard.

Regional organisation

ASN comprises the headquarters and 11 regional divisions with responsibility for one or more administrative regions. This organisation enables ASN to perform its regulation duties nationwide as well as in the overseas territories.


Date of last update : 27/08/2019