Update on the evolution of the situation in Chernobyl (Ukraine)

Published on 09/03/2022 at 16:43

Information notice

Following the events in Ukraine, the ASN has been on active watch since Friday 4 March.

On 9 March 2022, the Ukrainian Nuclear Safety Authority (SNRIU) announced the loss of external power supplies to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. The power supply is now provided by generators. The nuclear facilities at Chernobyl are the following:
- a spent fuel storage pool,
- a dry storage facility for spent fuel,
- solid and liquid waste storage facilities,
- three reactors being dismantled,
- Reactor No. 4, damaged in 1986, placed in a safe confinement structure.

An essential parameter for the safety of such nuclear installations is the residual energy released by the radioactive substances. Due to the phenomenon of radioactive decay, this energy is considerably lower than when the plant was operating. Under these conditions, the loss of external power supplies has no short-term consequence on the safety of the installations or on the risk of release of radioactivity.

Nevertheless, the situation of the operating teams at the site, which have still not been relieved, continues to be of concern.

ASN remains in contact with its counterparts to exchange and cross-check technical information, particularly at the European level (Wenra, Herca, ENSREG) and with the IAEA.

Date of last update : 07/11/2022