Taishan EPR: ASN engages in a technical dialogue with its Chinese counterpart

Published on 17/06/2021 at 16:00

Information notice

On 12 June, ASN suggested to its Chinese counterpart, the National Nuclear Safety Administration (NNSA), that they open a technical dialogue on the current conditions of operation of reactor 1 of the Taishan nuclear power plant (NPP).

Located in the Province of Guangdon in the South of China, the Taishan NPP features the first two EPR reactors to have entered commercial service in the world. Prime responsibility for the safety of this NPP lies with the Chinese licensee TNPJVC. The authority responsible for oversight of the NPP is ASN's Chinese counterpart, the NNSA.

ASN has proposed this interchange in order to examine to what extent the feedback from the current operating situation in Taishan can be taken into account in the ongoing examination of the commissioning application for the Flamanville EPR in France.

The NNSA has responded favourably to ASN's request and initial meetings are underway. The NNSA presented are review of the situation this Wednesday 16 June at a meeting of the MDEP1 working group devoted to the EPR, which brings together the nuclear safety regulators concerned by this reactor.

Press contact: Evangelia Petit, head of press department, tel.: (+33) 1 46 16 41 42, evangelia.petit@asn.fr

1. MDEP Multinational Design Evaluation Programme.

Date of last update : 03/09/2021