France transmits its National Progress Report on European stress tests to the European Commission

Published on 30/09/2011 at 10:27

Information notice

France transmitted its National Progress Report on 15 September.
 Further to the events in Fukushima, and in accordance with the mandate entrusted by the European Council of March 2011, ENSREG, the European Nuclear Safety Regulators Group, has drawn up specifications that define a common safety assessment approach to be adopted for the performance of stress tests on all European nuclear power plants.
 According to the timeframe adopted at the European level, EU Member States must transmit to the European Commission a National Progress Report by 15 September 2011. This report must indicate progress made in implementing stress tests in each of the fourteen Member States concerned.
 The specifications for the complementary safety assessments (ECS) that were launched in France on 5 May 2011 are consistent with the European specifications but also include two additional features: While the European exercise only concerns nuclear power reactors, the French Government has decided to carry out complementary safety assessments on all nuclear facilities in the country; it has also decided to examine subcontracting issues.
 This report is a progress report. EU Member States have committed themselves to transmitting a final report on stress tests by the end of December 2011.


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