The launch of the website of the French National Network of Environmental Radioactivity Monitoring (RNM)

Published on 02/02/2010 at 10:54

Information notice

Analysis and monitoring of radioactivity levels in the environment are essential to assess the impact of radioactive substances on human health, on the environment and on the resources of economic interest (especially water and agriculture).

In order to centralize information on environmental radioactivity in France and to provide access to measurement results for both, professionals and not professionals, while strengthening harmonization and the quality of measurements performed by certified laboratories, the French stakeholders in environmental monitoring have launched the website, the French National Network for the Measurement of Environmental Radioactivity.

Under the Public Health Code, this network is developed under the auspices of ASN in collaboration with IRSN and in partnership with the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Ecology and Energy, major nuclear licensees (EDF, ANDRA, AREVA, CEA), health agencies (AFSSA, InVS) and environmental protection associations (including the independent laboratory ACRO).

Unique initiative in Europe, the site centralises all the results of radioactivity measurements carried out on the environment by various organisations and makes them available to experts and the public with frequent updates: on average, 15,000 measurements are added each month.

Part of an effort to make data on radioactivity in the environment more transparent for citizens, provides quick and easy access to a wide range of data related to the national network (regulation, operation and laboratory accreditation). It includes a section explaining the radioactivity phenomenon, how it is measured and its biological effects. The website gives the user keys to understand the measurement results on the radiological state of the environment given on the website. The site will be improved over the time taking into account the feedback of the users.

Results available on the website are provided by laboratories that have been certified by ASN. They comply with the norm NF EN ISO 17025 and have succeeded intercomparisons exercises organised by IRSN.

Date of last update : 03/09/2021