EPR Reactor: Information Letter n°3: ASN authorises the resumption of concrete pouring work on the EPR site

Published on 19/06/2008 at 17:46

Information notice

ASN has authorised EDF to resume concrete pouring operations on safety-related structures of the EPR reactor on the site of Flamanville 3.

Following the detection of several deviations in concrete structural work early in 2008, ASN asked EDF on 26 May to suspend its operations and to submit a corrective action plan.

Although these recurrent anomalies did not directly affect safety, ASN considered that they highlighted a lack of rigour from the operator and external service providers in the construction of the future reactor, as well as shortcomings in EDF's quality management system. ASN has reviewed the action plan submitted by EDF.

The main points of the plan encompass the concerns expressed by ASN, namely:

  • more stringent technical controls by service providers working on the site and closer monitoring by EDF of their activities,
  • closer monitoring of concrete reinforcement operations on safety-related buildings, based on a supplementary technical inspection by a third-party organisation,
  • clearer management of deviations, highlighting in particular those activities concerning reinforcements and those concerning concrete pouring,
  • training all those working on the site with a view to improving individual safety culture,
  • strengthening of the Bouygues quality team.

In ASN's opinion, this action should improve the performance of the quality management system in construction activities.

In addition to examining the EDF action plan, ASN has asked EDF to submit a monthly report on the actual implementation of the plan and to assess its effectiveness after 6 months' application on site.

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