Supervision of the EPR reactor

The EPR reactor is a pressurised water reactor (PWR) whose design, which has evolved with respect to that of the PWRs currently in operation in France, is intended to meet more stringent safety objectives.


References concerning the Flamanville-3 EPR reactor

Published on 28/02/2014

ASN statutory resolutions

Decision N° 2008-DC-0114 by the ASN of 26 September 2008

Decision No. 2008-DC-0114 of 26 September 2008 by the French Nuclear Safety Authority setting Forth Specific Requirementsto Be Met by Électricité de France – Société anonyme (EDF-SA) at the Flamanville Nuclear site Regarding the Design and Construction of the Flamanville-3 (INB No. 167) NPPand the Operation of Flamanville-1 (INB No. 108) and Flamanville-2 (INB No. 109) NPPs