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Published on 19/03/2019 • 04:04 pm

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Auxiliary systems of the backup diesel generating sets for the EDF reactors

In 2017, EDF notified a significant safety event concerning the failure to demonstrate the seismic resistance of the civil engineering anchors of the auxiliary systems of the backup diesel generating sets for its 1300 MWe nuclear power reactors. ASN had rated this event level 2 on the INES scale.

Published on 28/02/2019 • 11:12 am

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Flamanville EPR equipment

In a resolution of 25 February 2019, ASN served EDF with formal notice to produce and save proof of qualification of the Flamanville EPR reactor equipment.

Published on 27/02/2019 • 11:14 am

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Quality assurance requirements for certain medical practices that use ionising radiation

In France, medical applications represent the primary source of artificial exposures of the public to ionising radiation. This medical exposure is increasing, mainly due to the increased number of examinations using computed tomography CT scanners. In order to control the doses delivered to patients undergoing medical imaging examinations, and thereby contribute to enhanced safety for the patients, ASN is defining new quality assurance requirements in medical imaging.

Published on 20/02/2019 • 02:17 pm

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ASN publishes in English its recommendations regarding the transport of radioactive substances

ASN publishes in English its recommendations regarding the transport of radioactive substances.

Published on 30/01/2019 • 03:10 pm

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ASN expresses three expectations on the occasion of its New Year’s greetings to the press

On the occasion of the New Year, ASN – through its Chairman Mr. Bernard Doroszczuk – presented its greetings to the press on 29 January, at its Montrouge headquarters.

Published on 28/01/2019 • 05:17 pm

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Visit of Mr Tiippana, DG of the Finnish Nuclear Safety Authority

Petteri Tiippana, recently renewed for a second term as head of the Finnish Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK), met on 24 January at ASN headquarters with Bernard Doroszczuk, President of ASN.

Published on 21/01/2019 • 05:31 pm

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Bilateral meeting between ASN and CSN

On 14 January 2019, the ASN Chairman, Mr Bernard Doroszczuk, welcomed, in Montrouge, a delegation of 4 representatives of the Spanish Nuclear Safety Authority (Consejo de seguridad nuclear - CSN), led by its Chairman, Mr. Fernando Marti Scharfhausen.

Published on 27/12/2018 • 12:24 pm

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Mr Jean-Luc Lachaume appointed ASN Commissioner

Further to a proposal from the President of the National Assembly, Jean-Luc Lachaume was appointed ASN Commissioner for a six-year term by decree of the President of the Republic dated 21 December 2018.

Published on 21/12/2018 • 09:54 am

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ASN renews the Advisory Committees for nuclear safety

In the exercise of its duties, ASN coordinates technical investigations which lead to resolutions and opinions. These investigations draw on internal and external expertise, this latter being primarily the responsibility of IRSN, in its capacity as the ASN technical support organisation.

Published on 27/11/2018 • 04:32 pm

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ASN delivers its opinion on the overall consistency of the nuclear fuel cycle in France

The "nuclear fuel cycle" comprises the fabrication of the nuclear fuel used in the nuclear power plant reactors, its storage and its reprocessing after irradiation. Several licensees are involved in the cycle: Orano Cycle, Framatome, EDF and Andra.

Published on 14/11/2018 • 10:03 am

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Bernard Doroszczuk appointed ASN Chairman

By decree of the President of the Republic, dated 13 November 2018, Bernard Doroszczuk is appointed Chairman of ASN for a period of 6 years. He succeeds Pierre-Franck Chevet, who was appointed ASN Chairman in 2012 and whose mandate came to an end on 12 November 2018.

Published on 06/11/2018 • 09:17 am

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ASN defines the rules applicable to the conditioning of radioactive waste

ASN resolution 2017-DC-0587 of 23 March 2017 defines the rules applicable to the conditioning of radioactive waste and the conditions for acceptance of radioactive waste packages in disposal BNIs.

Published on 18/10/2018 • 03:27 pm

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Flamanville EPR reactor pressure vessel

On 9th October 2018, ASN authorised the commissioning and operation of the Flamanville EPR reactor pressure vessel, subject to the performance of a test programme to monitor the thermal ageing of the steel in the residual carbon positive macro-segregation zone, plus specific inspections during operation of the facility.

Published on 09/10/2018 • 06:45 pm

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The ASN Chairman completes his mandate at the head of ENSREG

On 4 October 2018, the ASN Chairman, Mr Pierre-Franck Chevet chaired his last (extraordinary) ENSREG meeting in Brussels.

Published on 28/09/2018 • 12:08 pm

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6th bilateral meeting between ASN and the Japanese nuclear safety regulator (NRA)

An ASN delegation headed by its Chairman, Pierre-Franck Chevet, went to Japan to take part in the 6th bilateral meeting with the Japanese nuclear safety regulator (NRA). This meeting was held on 3rd and 4th September 2018 in Tokyo.