ASN Opinions

ASN must be consulted concerning:

  • draft decrees or interministerial orders of a regulatory nature concerning nuclear safety;
  • draft BNI creation, final shutdown or decommissioning authorisations;
  • draft decrees modifying the Public Health Code and the Labour Code, with regard to nuclear safety.

It may be consulted at the request of the Government or Parliament about draft texts or particular questions.

Published on 11/12/2018

ASN opinions

ASN Opinion 2012-AV-0147 of 10 April 2012

Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) Opinion n°2012-AV-0147 of 10 April 2012 on the importance of research to ASN and on identifying the first research topics to be further investigated in the fields of nuclear safety and radiation protection

Published on 03/03/2014

ASN opinions

ASN opinion n° 2012-AV-0143 of 31st January 2012

ASN opinion n° 2012-AV-0143 of 31st January 2012 concerning safety options for the ATMEA1 reactor project