Supervision of the EPR reactor

The EPR reactor is a pressurised water reactor (PWR) whose design, which has evolved with respect to that of the PWRs currently in operation in France, is intended to meet more stringent safety objectives.

Anomaly affecting the Flamanville EPR reactor vessel

Published on 23/09/2016 • 02:00 pm

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Areva NP’s Creusot Forge Plant: ASN publishes the list of irregularities detected so far

ASN publishes the list of irregularities of which it has been notified to date, affecting certain items manufactured by Areva NP’s Creusot Forge plant for French civil nuclear activities. These irregularities concern EDF reactor pressure equipment (vessels, steam generators and main primary system piping) and transport packagings for radioactive substances.

Published on 20/07/2016 • 04:30 pm

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Fessenheim NPP affected by one of the irregularities detected in Areva’s Creusot Forge plant

ASN has suspended the test certificate it issued to Areva NP in 2012 for a steam generator at present installed on the Fessenheim NPP reactor 2. This suspension follows the detection of an irregularity in one of the parts of this steam generator, called the “lower shell”, manufactured by Areva’s Creusot Forge plant.

Published on 28/06/2016 • 12:00 pm

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EDF reactor steam generators in service could contain an anomaly

The analyses carried out by EDF since 2015 conclude that certain steam generator channel heads could contain a zone comprising a high carbon concentration which could lead to lower than expected mechanical properties. These steam generators equip 18 reactors of the 900 and 1450 MWe plant series.

Published on 20/06/2016 • 06:00 pm

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Irregularities detected in Areva’s Creusot Forge plant

Since 18th May, when EDF transmitted its analyses of the irregularities brought to light in the Creusot Forge plant, ASN has been conducting its own technical review on the basis of the data transmitted and the additional evidence it requested. As a priority, ASN is dealing with the cases liable to have the most significant implications for reactor safety. In any case, prior to each reactor restart, it ensures that the irregularities detected do not compromise safety.

Published on 04/05/2016 • 11:00 am

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Irregularities concerning components manufactured in its Creusot Forge plant

Following the detection of an anomaly on the Flamanville EPR reactor vessel, and at the instigation of ASN, AREVA initiated in April 2015 a quality review on the manufacturing work carried out in its Creusot Forge plant. Its conclusions were sent to ASN in October 2015.

Published on 20/04/2016 • 03:00 pm

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Falsification of materials analysis reports: ASN is collaborating with the ongoing judicial inquiry

On 21st January 2016, a metallurgical analysis laboratory informed ASN that it had found out that the inspection reports it had produced for a French mechanical company situated in the Loire département (42), had been falsified.