Les cahiers de l’ASN brochure

The first issue of Les cahiers de l’ASN brochure was published in September 2018. This new collection is part of a pedagogical information approach on topics related to nuclear safety and radiation protection.
This brochure is also distributed in forums, trade shows, public meetings and among stakeholders.

Published on 23/04/2021

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Les cahiers de l'ASN #2 - 10 years after Fukushima

Rated level 7, the highest on the international nuclear events scale (INES), the accident which struck the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant had considerable human and environmental consequences.

Published on 20/04/2021

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Les cahiers de l'ASN #2 - Conditions for the continued operation of EDF’s 900MWe reactors

EDF’s 32 reactors of 900MWe are the oldest reactors in operation in France. After 40 years of service, can their continued operation be considered and under what conditions?

Published on 06/06/2019

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Les cahiers de l'ASN #1 - Nuclear power plants going beyond 40 years

In what conditions can the 900 MWe nuclear power plants, which are the oldest in the French nuclear fleet, continue to operate? How to guarantee management of the ageing of materials and systems after 40 years of operation?