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Convention on Nuclear Safety

The Convention on Nuclear Safety concerns civil nuclear power reactors. It sets a number of safety objectives and defines the measures intended to achieve them. The contracting countries commit in particular to:

  • establish a legislative, regulatory and administrative framework that meets the aims of the Convention and enables them to fulfil their obligations;
  • establish an independent regulation and oversight organisation that has sufficient authority, competence and human and financial resources.

France has decided of its own volition to also include in its national report the measures taken for all civil research reactors which are subject to the same general regulations as the civil nuclear power reactors with regard to safety and radiation protection.

The Convention provides for the organisation of triennial "review meetings" of the contracting parties, which are intended to develop cooperation and the sharing of experience. A review meeting is organised every three years. A few months prior to the “review meeting”, each contracting party submits a report presenting the measures taken to implement the obligations of the Convention. During the meeting, each report presented is discussed with the other contracting parties who can ask additional questions. A summary report drawn up by the meeting chairman and made public presents the progress achieved and any difficulties that subsist.

Adopted in 1994 by the IAEA member states, the Convention on Nuclear Safety was approved by France on 13th September 1995. It entered into effect on October 24, 1996. Since March 31, 2005 it has been ratified by all the countries operating nuclear power reactors. As of January 2016, it had been ratified by 78 contracting parties.

The 8th “review meeting” is scheduled from 23 March to 3 April 2020 in Vienna.

The French national reports can be consulted in their French and English versions.

The 8th report (2020)

The eighth French national report drawn up in preparation for the Review Meeting of the Convention on Nuclear Safety held in 2020

The 7th report (2017)

The seventh French national report on the Convention on Nuclear Safety drawn up in preparation for the Review Meeting of 2017 was published in August 2016.

The 6th report (2014)

The sixth French national report on the Convention on Nuclear Safety drawn up in preparation for the Review Meeting of 2014 was published in July 2013.

The report of the 2nd extraordinary meeting (2012)

As decided during the 5threview meeting of the Convention on Nuclear Safety held in April 2011, an extraordinary meeting of the CSN will take place in Vienna in August 2012. One objective is to review and share the lessons learned and the steps taken by the CSN Contracting Parties in response to the events of the accident that struck the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant (NPP). As part of this extraordinary meeting, a national report was issued by each of the Contracting Parties, based on the 6 topics identified (external events, design studies, severe accident management (on site), national organization, off-site organization in emergency and post-accident situations, international cooperation). It presents and describes the measures taken or envisaged, along with the scheduled completion dates.

The 5th report (2011)

The fifth French national report raised 196 questions which were discussed in April 2011.

The 4th report (2008)

The fourth French national report raised 206 questions which were discussed on April 2008.

The 3rd report (2005)

The third French national report raised 208 questions from 26 countries, questions which were discussed on April 12, 2005.

The 2nd report (2002)

The second French national report published in October 2001 raised 115 questions which were discussed on April 16, 2002.

The 1st report (1999)

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