Improving nuclear safety and radiation protection


International reference texts

The international reference texts are the international conventions and treaties to which France is a contracting party and those reference texts and recommendations concerning nuclear safety and radiation protection that are not formally binding.

Euratom Treaty

The Treaty establishing the European Community of Atomic Energy (called “Euratom”) is focus on the use of nuclear energy for civil purposes and supports, originally, the need for countries to achieve energy independence. The Euratom treaty, unlike the other treaties that have instituted the other European Communities, has not merged with the European Union, which makes it a separate legal entity even though it shares the same institutions (the European Commission, for example).

IAEA safety standards

The IAEA safety standards constitute a set of documents that are not legally binding. Nevertheless, they constitute a recognised international reference in nuclear safety and radiation protection. They describe the principles and the best practices in these areas.

International conventions

In the wake of the Chernobyl accident (April 26, 1986), the international community negotiated several conventions aiming at preventing accidents associated with the use of nuclear energy and mitigating their consequences. IAEA is the depository of these conventions and provides the relevant secretarial services.