6th bilateral meeting between ASN and the Japanese nuclear safety regulator (NRA)

Published on 28/09/2018 • 12:08 pm

Information notice

P.-F. Chevet (ASN), Toyoshi Fuketa (NRA)
P.-F. Chevet (ASN), Toyoshi Fuketa (NRA)

An ASN delegation headed by its Chairman, Pierre-Franck Chevet, went to Japan to take part in the 6th bilateral meeting with the Japanese nuclear safety regulator (NRA). This meeting was held on 3rd and 4th September 2018 in Tokyo.

In addition to topical subjects in both countries, the presentations and discussions concerned reactors’ ageing management (French and Japanese approaches and European review of reactors’ ageing, linked to the 2014 nuclear safety directive), the decommissioning of nuclear facilities and radioactive waste disposal projects.

This meeting highlighted common areas of interest for future cooperation, more particularly decommissioning and the management of legacy radioactive waste.

The cooperation agreement between ASN and NRA was renewed for a period of 5 years. Following on from the meeting, an in-depth visit to the damaged Fukushima Daiichi NPP was organised on 5th September.

Date of last update : 28/09/2018